Here you can find advice and information regarding the products of Plastregal company. We focus on the most important elements in the process of choosing, installing and maintenance of our products.

What does a qualitative window mean?

Over the time, our company has worked intensively to improve the quality of PVC constructions. Visiting different European exhibitions has helped us to implement the latest innovations and technologies, which now

The importance of garniture in the PVC constructions

The garniture plays a major role in the manufacture of PVC windows, as well as the profile or the glazed windows. Without garniture, the window would be non-operating and would not have those unique qualities that

Driving mechanisms for roller blinds

The roller blinds can be operated from the inside of the room and include two types of mechanisms: automatic and manual. The automatic mechanism is equipped with an electric equipment driven by a motor while the

Hoppe Secustik anti-theft handle

Plastregal company recommends the anti-theft handle to its customers. The proverb “My house, my fortress” can be easily used by those who decided to install Plastregal windows with the Hoppe Secustik anti-theft