Entrance doors

According to your wishes and ideas of designers, the entrance doors created by Plastregal may have one or two sashes; interior or external opening; classic or modern type; with triplex filling, sandwich or with ornamental panels; with one or more side elements; refined and simple doors; white, colored or wood design, etc.

Necessary elements:

  • Decompression holes - are required to optimize the pressure that is formed inside the building from the sun. They are located in the external side of the profile.
  • Hinges – shall comply with all the standards. This allows us to build doors that may assure a maximum number of opening/closings, by keeping the geometry of the framework. The hinges shall be attached with special metal amplifiers. They have a well-disposed design, classic and may be hidden at customer’s request.
  • Insulating rubber on the entire perimeter of the framework - contributes to the sound and thermal insulation. Because this is an entrance door, the quality of this element deserves attention.
  • Angle amplifiers - rigid plastic elements that are applied on the metal itself and contribute to sealing the profile angles during welding. Therefore, rigidity is preserved on the entire perimeter of the construction.
  • Lock holes - these are created according to a well-established pattern based on templates. Therefore, any errors are impossible to occur.
  • Degree of coupling - the usual doors contain a lock for closing. For our doors, we use three locks. Thus, the sash shall be coupled to the door frame without any fear of wind.