Hoppe Secustik anti-theft handle

Plastregal company recommends the anti-theft handle to its customers. The proverb “My house, my fortress” can be easily used by those who decided to install Plastregal windows with the Hoppe Secustik anti-theft handle.

Hoppe Secustik anti-theft handle

The manufacturer of this type of item is the German company Hoppe Holding AG, which is active on the international market for over 60 years. During six decades, this manufacturer of handles for doors and windows, continuously improved its production by considering customers’ opinions and preferences, as well as the ever-increasing criminality around the world. The Hoppe equipments hold a quality certificate issued under the DIN EN ISO 9001: 2000 standard. These handles used for Plastregal windows will be used a long time. Moreover, all of Hope Holding’s products are recognized as ecological because the company’s main principle is “economic = ecological”.

The multifunctional handle with Hoppe Secustik key is an innovation for the company. This type of fittings is popular among consumers due to a number of unique qualities. Improved features of this handle model radically contribute to reducing the statistical number of burglaries, which often happen due to nonstandard security measures for doors or windows. With Hoppe Secustik handle from Plastregal you can live peacefully in your home.

Hoppe Secustik handle means:

  • Safe mechanism. The thief will not break your house. When you force the outside window with a screwdriver or other object, a special internal mechanism will work between the handle and the pin, which shall safely lock the window from the inside.
  • Sound click. When the handle is rotated, sounds similar to computer mouse can be heard. These sounds will inform you about the security features of the handle.
  • Resistance. This type of fitting is made of a special alloy of aluminum and brass.
  • Ecology. Only ecologically pure materials are used in production.
  • Ergonomics and elegance. The handle is easy to use. There are special channels for fingers that do not allow the hand to slip at the wrong time. It is available in three colors: white (for standard windows), brown (for laminate) and silver. The aesthetic appearance of the accessories offers a harmonious design.
  • Warranty. The manufacturer offers a 10-years warranty for its products.

Secustik handles are very easy to install. You can order them for your new windows with Secustik anti-theft accessories or replace the handles in the windows installed in your house.

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