The importance of garniture in the PVC constructions

The garniture plays a major role in the manufacture of PVC windows, as well as the profile or the glazed windows. Without garniture, the window would be non-operating and would not have those unique qualities that are possible due to its components. It is the quality of the garniture that establishes how firmly the frame is attached to the sash and the security of the room. A poor quality garniture will shorten the window’s life, therefore, it is important that the entire mechanism works efficiently.

The importance of garniture in the PVC constructions

MACO garniture – reliable European quality

Plastregal company uses the Austrian MACO garniture created by the concern Mayer & Co. Beschlage GmbH, in the production of its doors and windows.

On the international market, MACO Company offers the most innovative solutions in in the field of PVC construction. Following the philosophy of quality in production, as of January 1994, MACO became the first garniture manufacturer to obtain the DIN ISO 9001 certificate, thus proving the truth and value of its leading principles.

MACO’s quality control system involves a detailed evaluation of the garniture, based on forced and extreme action on the windows. During the researches, it was found that the garniture can ensure 40,000 closing / opening cycles. The anticorrosive surface has the ability to withstand 500 hours of saline solution. All these make MACO offer a 10-years warranty for its products.

MACO garniture is characterized by the following features:

  • elegant design;
  • simplicity and high adjustment range;
  • extremely easy handling due to an amount of wax that covers all the parts;
  • simple and fast mounting;
  • universality;
  • a wide range of component details;
  • the possibility to apply the silver color, at request;
  • 3 layer anti-corrosive surface (galvanizing, molecular level nickel coating and wax coating);
  • the lower hinge - in addition to adjusting the sash horizontally and vertically - allows in depth adjustment, as well;
  • “scissors” with micro-climatic function
  • all MACO parts are well marked.

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