Why should you choose Plastregal company?

You have many reasons to approach our company. Here are some of these reasons:

We use exclusively high quality glazed windows which have been tested by time and have only positive feedbacks from customers. The MACO garniture is of superior class and is recommended for its high quality and long term of service. It may be adapted to any project and size of the sash. Our doors and windows allow us to provide a long period warranty because we are confident in the quality of the base material that we use and the qualifications of our specialists

The profile we use in the production is reinforced with metal ≥ 2 mm. The entire production line represents the latest technology and allows us to achieve maximum results when cleaning the joints, setting correctly the size of complex geometry windows, and excluding the negligence of the human factor. This eventually allows our windows to gain an impeccable design.

All the components are original. The production and mounting of our products are performed under European standards for passive houses. Depending on the possibilities of our customers, we can fill in the packages with inert gas such as Argon, which considerably reduces heat losses to 0.4 W / m2K.

All the employees have a professional training and rich experience in our company. In the assembly process, we use exclusively professional tools, and since we expect acknowledgment for the work we do, we ensure that the fasteners are installed in the required quantity, the seams are completely sealed and the level is kept accurate, which guarantees that there is no friction between the windows’ parts in the future, and the sashes will open perfectly.

Our clients are always satisfied with our products because we know what they want or would need. For example, a high quality window chosen by the customer does not guarantee that there will be no heat loss if it is not tightly sealed. It is this moment when we interfere with our interest for our production because we only use high quality foam. Not all buyers know about the solbanc profile, which is recommended for the manufacture of windows. All these details as well as other aspects related to design and production, can be discussed in our showroom.

Principles of Plastregal company

The main aim of Plastregal company is to acquire and maintain its leadership position on the Moldovan market, in the production of PVC, glass and aluminum constructions, through self-development, experience acquisition and responsiveness to innovations. We really want to improve the range of products that is currently on the market and, to be a bit more courageous and help people think wider, to turn to quality and not just on the economic part. In this regard, we follow some principles:

  1. Personal interest for each customer We make every effort to ensure that our customers are satisfied with our production and will come to us again. There is no “big order” or “small order” for our company. For us, each customer is important and treated individually, without any difference. We understand that every business is founded to do business, and we are no exception. But to keep the priorities right, our customer always stays in the top. Why? Because when there is interest in money, the interest for the customer disappears. That is why we control the money and not viceversa.
  2. Quality and responsibility for each project The sincere interest towards our customer motivates us to continue to sacrifice enough time and energy to achieve high quality in everything we do. We have established specific criteria in selecting the suppliers with whom we work and constantly improve our products, as this is interdependent with the life of our production in your hands.
  3. Professionalism When quality increases, experience grows. Continuous improvement in the level of professionalism helps us to maintain our leadership position. Plastregal company invests time and energy in training its members and is open to collaborating with everyone’s initiatives.
  4. Loyalty and commitment The product once bought is never forgotten. Especially, we do not forget our customers because we keep a strict record of all those who bought our products. Firstly, because we are responsible for the warranty we have provided, and secondly, we are happy to offer discounts to those who buy our products again. 

We are convinced that you will never regret for collaborating with us. Therefore, we invite you to contact us or send us an email, leave a message on Jivochat or visit our office.