What glazed window should I choose?

The French group Saint-Gobain is one of the leading producers in the manufacture of various types of glass. The specialists of Plastregal will recommend you the appropriate type of glazed windows, depending on the location of the building. Plastregal company recommends its customers the following types of glazed windows: with one chamber, two chambers, low emission, multifunctional, soundproof and auto-cleaning.

One chamber glazed windows:

Glazed windows with two layers of glass which are separated by a spacer frame that creates the air chamber between them. Due to the hermetic coupling of the glass, the inner chamber has contact with the external environment, thus having the role of thermal and sound insulation. This type of glazed windows is used mainly for staining living spaces which are not designed for living, especially in the cold period of the year, and namely villas, terraces, balconies, loggias etc.

Two chambers glazed windows:

Glazed windows with two layers of glasses and two chambers. This type of packages is the most popular among customers and ensures an efficient sound and thermal insulation. If necessary, this glazed window may be combined with rifled glass for bathroom, colored, or special. Also, at customer’s request, we can include in one single package the highest requirements for impact resistance, thermal energy saving or sound insulation. Regarding the former aspect, two chambers glazed rooms reduce the level of the external sound up to 38-40 dB. For the Premium series, Plastregal uses glazed windows with the size 48mm. You can discuss about the advantages of this type of packages with our specialists.

Low-emission glazed windows (LowE)

Besides the ordinary glass, this type of glazed windows contains inside a special low-emission glass + the filling of chambers with argon, at customer’s request. The special gas which is introduced in the chambers minimizes the convection of air inside the window, thus ensuring a minimal temperature exchange with the outside environment. These packages function according to the principle of the mirror that reflects the heat inside the room. The low emission glass contains a special layer of silver which is located inside the package to prevent damage. Such glazed windows can be considered warm indeed! More than 50% of thermal energy can be preserved without affecting the light in the room.

Multifunctional glazed windows (4S)

Besides the ordinary glass, this type of glazed windows contains a special stratified glass, which shall be mounted on the back side of the glass. The multifunctional glazed windows distinguish from other windows by the following features:

  • During the canicular period, the glass shall filter the solar heat and reduce the infra-red rays to 61% (compared with Low-E glass which reduces with 39%). In this way, a cool and comfortable climate is created in the room.
  • During the cold period, together with the Low-E glass, it reduces the loss of heat up to 50%, due to heat refraction inside the room.

Shading glazed windows

These constructions use ordinary glass, toned with a layer of film. This type of window is used mainly ofr the houses with sun exposure. Some customers use these glazed windows as decorative element, to garnish the facade of the house. Also, these windows create a pleasant intimate ambience and allow you to see everything outside and not viceversa.

Soundproofing glazed windows

The houses that head their windows to streets with heavy pedestrian traffic require a different approach. Therefore, Plastregal has a solution for its clients: mounting soundproofing glazed windows. The glass used for this type of windows has different size and do not resonate, reducing significantly the noise levels.

Auto-cleaning glazed windows

The glass used for the auto-cleaning glazed windows is covered with TiO (titanium oxide), which decomposes organic compounds under the influence of ultraviolet rays. Rain, dew or snow cleans them, leaving the glass clean and disinfected.

If you need help or a free of charge consultation for chosing a type of glazed windows, we invite you to contact us or send us an email, leave a message on Jivochat or visit our office.