What does a qualitative window mean?

Over the time, our company has worked intensively to improve the quality of PVC constructions. Visiting different European exhibitions has helped us to implement the latest innovations and technologies, which now allow us to produce qualitative and long-lasting windows and doors.
In this short article, we want to present you the most important elements that any metaloplast window has to include:

What does a qualitative window mean?

1. Profile system

The quality of the raw material of a window influences directly the final quality of the entire constructions and its period of operation. If to refer to the profile recommended by our company, Kommerling, then we can assure you that all the production of the Profine Group concern cmplies with the ISO 9001 standard, which represents a guarantee of high quality. Also, the Profine Group manufacturer uses the GreenLine technology which complies with the objectives of the European Commission for the protection of environment and which interdicts the use of heavy metals in the industrial production.

2. Solbanc profile

This profile is compulsory, according to the technological rules of window mounting, because the external jamb and the internal window sill are fixed on it. Therefoe, it prevents the penetration of water, air, and deformation of the window sill on its entire length.

3. Reinforcement of PVC profiles

In order to maintain the dimensional stability of the profiles, it is absolutely necessary to reinforce them with galvanized steel, according to the manufacturer’s technological requirements. It was established, however, that the 2 mm steel thickness contributes sufficiently to the durability of medium-sized PVC constructions. Plastregal guarantees the use of a 2 mm minimum reinforcement. In the case of panorama type windows or in case of using the connectors between windows, a reinforcement ranging from 2.5 mm to 3.5 mm shall be used.

4. Profile gaskets

The sealing between the felloe and the sash depends on the degree of elasticity of gaskets (between the window frame and the opening part). The Kommerling profiles have a TPE gasket which is co-extruded on the PVC profile, thus ensuring the welding of the profile together with the gasket. In the case of windows with such gaskets, a high level of thermal and sound insulation is ensured.

5. Glazed windows

Depending on the customer’s needs regarding the location of the window in either the northern or southern part, our company’s specialists will recommend the best solution for the composition of the window, as this is also closely related to heat loss and other indicators, that any PVC construction has to meet.

6. Garniture

The quality of the garniture either extends or shortens the life of a garniture. For already 12 years, Plastregal uses the MACO garniture and we recommend it to our customers. Due to its options, we can produce quality-assured windows, that are safe in operation, such as the locking system for faulty opening, micro-ventilation, anti-theft system, hidden hinges, etc.

7. Handles for PVC windows and doors

The handles play an important role in the operation of windows. The HOPPE handles are certified under the DIN EN ISO 9001: 2000 requirements. This means that all the products are controlled by the quality and testing system, according to the RAL directives. The robust handle bar is made of metal, covered with a 3 mm plastic protective layer. They have a resistant surface and are wear-resistant. Scratches and other damage are not noticeable.

8. Other important elements of a PVC window

Using the coupling connectors, angle change tubes, amplifiers which are produced by Profine Group, we can guarantee the functionality and stability of the constructions.

9. The cover for the rod

If the windows and the doors of PVC have this cover, then their maintenance shall be simple and you will always enjoy the desired cleanliness in the hard-to-reach areas of the windows and doors.

10. Resistant window sills and jambs

When you choose a window, it is important to pay much attention to the window sills and jambs, as well. They have to comply with the high quality of the windows that you will choose. Therefore, our specialists will help you in this respect.

We hope you will pay more attention to the recommendations listed above which will be of great help to you. In order to convince you about the above-mentioned raw material and also for a more detailed consultation, we invite you to our showroom, which is located in the factory. We are transparent and always open to provide up-to-date solutions.