We gathered the most frequent questions of our clients and the answers. If you can not find the answer to your question, we kindly ask you to contact as by phone. We will be glad to offer you the necessary support.

  1. Is it possible for qualitative windows to create condensation?

    The presence of condensation on the glass can be caused by several reasons. This does not necessarily mean that the windows are of inferior quality. Let us analyze a few causes that may lead to condensation:

    • Room flowers on the window sill. The plants, as a rule breath, and this may cause steamed window.
    • If different activities are carried in the room, such as cooking or laundry/drying of clothes, this will cause the sweat of the window.
    • The house is poorly ventilated. This mostly happens in old building. If this is the reason, we recommend you to ventilate your home several times a day, or to install a ventilation system.
    • Some windows, as those used in the entrance hall or those lacking any heating source, also may become condensated.  
    • If repair works are carried out in the house, they will always be accompanied by increased humidity.
  2. What is the difference between glass Low-E and 4S?

    Glass is generally known to be a good thermal conductor. The Low-E special glass is installed indoors and does not allow thermal energy to be transmitted outward. 4S glass is installed outdoors.

    You can find an article on this topic on the Blog page.

  3. What windows should I choose?

    First of all we advice you to check the manufacturer. It is important to choose a trustful manufacturer which has good reputation on the PVC constructions market. Also, you should check the quality of the plastic. If the surface of the profile is matt, then it is more then it is most likely that you chose a low quality because it will absorb easily the dust and dirt, and it will be difficult to clean. If you prefer windows with good sound insulation, we suggest you to choose glazed windows with two soundproofing chambers. If the house is situated in the sunny side, we recommend glazed windows with special glass. The size of the plastic profile is also important. Plastregal Premium windows have the profile width of 88mm and are split into 7 interior rooms.

  4. What is the role of windows in energy conservation?

    In the last years, the rising fuel prices have prompted people to focus on conserving heat methods for their houses. Even the nostalgic ones know that the Soviet times, when most of them kept the casement windows always open in winter, will not come back.

    The engineers, designing passive houses with high European standards, pay special attention to indoor heating loss, therefore the doors and windows are obviously the most important. Plastregal company focuses mainly on this issue when designing its production.

    Plastregal doors and windows are built in such a way as to prevent any loss of heating during winter, and any heating entering the house during summer. The secret consists of two important elements:

    • special glass that is used for our products;
    • ecological high quality PVC profile.

    You can find more details about glass here, and about profiles here.

  5. Is the garniture of the window important?

    Yes, it is. The durability through time of openings/closings depends on its quality. An article on this topic is available on the Blog

  6. What does a good profile mean?

    The main features of a qualitative PVC profile are:

    • Increased resistance to temperature variations;
    • Efficient sound and thermal insulation;
    • Easy operation – the doors have a qualitative profile, are easy to wash and do not require repainting;
    • Long service time, tested in time (more than 40 years);
    • The possibility to use a wide range of colors;
    • Ecology – all Kommerling products are based on environmentally friendly raw material which is certified Greenline® (unleaded).
  7. Can I change only the glass, without affecting the entire window?

    Yes, of course. Over a period of time, many customers have noticed that moisture has appeared inside the window or the glass package was no longer sealed with the profile frame. Some of the customers decided to change only the glazed windows. This is possible only after the prior consultation of our specialists.